Less is more with GoRout’s mobile app for 2018.

Together with three new, exciting features, the GoRout On-Field Practice App for 2018 has been trimmed down to the bare essentials to make your practice even easier.

GoRout Mobile App

Starting with the 2018 season, and moving forward, coaches are required to install the GoRout On-Field Practice App (mobile app) in order to conduct practice. You are no longer able to start/end practice or send plays via the desktop application. The new and improved app is available now from the Apple App Store for iOS and on Google Play for Android (see links at the bottom of this post).

There are several changes to the mobile app for this season and most of them you’ll never miss! When we introduced the On-Field Practice App for iOS and Android last year, it was well received and packed with features and options. We observed how coaches engaged with the app throughout the season to see how it was being used. In response, we’ve removed several features that were rarely touched and now the mobile app is truly “dialed in” to make practice even easier.

The new app is lighter, faster and focused on executing your practice; rather than managing it. As before, you can send plays in “list mode” or by launching the “remote” and swiping to the next or previous play. You’re still able to reorder your blocks and plays within the mobile app, but all other management features have been relegated to the desktop. In addition to trimming unused features, we’ve added three new, exciting options:

1. Coaches and assistants can now launch into “Player Vue” and see what players are seeing in real-time.

New Player Vue

We’ve received many requests for this feature and are happy to introduce it in this version. Now, anyone who has the mobile app installed, and user access to GoRout, will be able to follow along with practice – as it happens. To activate this feature, just log into the app and press the menu bar (located top-left) to activate the left side panel and then click the icon above “Launch Player Vue” to see the plays as they are sent to player devices.

2. With the new “Flip Play” feature you can flip play alignments in an instant and send it as a new play.

Flip Play Feature

This came directly from coach feedback, and we’re happy to add it and check it off the list this year. This feature allows you to click a single button (located underneath the play image) to flip/reverse the play image. Then just click the send, or reload button, to send in the new, flipped play image.

3. Click the new “Flag Play” button and add any play to a new practice period for review.

Flag Play Feature

We’re sure you’ll find this feature much more useful than the thumbs-up/thumbs-down voting system we had in place last season. Now, instead of rating each play as good or bad, you can just “flag” any play that you want to review and have your players try again later. Once flagged, the play is added to a newly created block/period called “Flagged Plays.” Let us know what you think!

At GoRout, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and your user experience. We pride ourselves on being a “Company of Ideas” – and the best idea always wins. We welcome customer feedback or new ideas and are always eager to hear what you think of the new mobile app and your GoRout experience. Please reach out to us via email, phone or through social media.

To learn more about the On-Field Practice App visit mobile.gorout.com or find it on the app stores:

Download for iOSDownload for Android