Introducing GoRout STEEL 2017!

Steel Air Vue

In 2015, GoRout revolutionized practice with its on-field wearable displays and integrated sideline server. Users loved the product, but it was our first year out and we needed your feedback.

We took what coaches had to say and incorporated the feedback into the next year’s release.  For the 2016 season, GoRout completely retooled from the ground up.  On April 10th, 2016 we launched GoRout “STEEL” version 1.5. The response was amazing. But there were still some challenges.

For starters, users still had to manage technology to some extent. Coaches had to plug in our box to “sync” plays and practice down from the cloud. A plugin was needed on the field to power the box and Wifi. In some cases, Wifi interference was encountered and coaches still needed to “mess with technology” to make everything work. The system still needed improvement.

For the next few months, we went back to the drawing board to see what we could do to address these challenges. Out of this came GoRout Air™.

GoRout Air™ is the most advanced networking system we’ve ever built. Powered by a national infrastructure, GoRout Air™ uses a spectrum frequency system that allows GoRout’s software and hardware to communicate via radio airwaves coast-to-coast across the United States, providing teams with the purest, cleanest, and most efficient way to transfer and send real-time play data on the field without disruption. No Syncing. No Routers. No Setup.

Now coaches are able to simply turn on their devices, go to the practice field, distribute units to players and begin sending plays from any smartphone or tablet. No more plugs, cables, “syncing with the cloud” or worries about Wifi signal strength. In 2017, GoRout simply works “automagically” when you turn it on. Anywhere and at any time.

Finally, we spent considerable effort to understand how coaches were using the system and how we could make it more streamlined. Previous versions were heavy on options and features. Now that we know what features coaches are actually using and how they are using them, we were able to focus on making things simpler and more robust.

We’re sure that you’ll find GoRout STEEL 2017, combined with GoRout Air™, to be an easy to use and seamless integration into your existing workflow. You’ll wonder how you ever conducted practice without it.