Introducing GoRout STEEL 2.0 for 2018!

GoRout STEEL version 2.0, released Monday, July, 9th 2018, is simplified and even faster than before.

New GoRout STEEL 2.0

Over the last three years, GoRout engineers have continued to refine our software to ensure that it provides the simplest path for coaches to create and manage their practices. If you’re new to GoRout this season, you won’t notice any of this year’s improvements over the last, but we’re confident you’ll find GoRout STEEL 2.0 to be simple to use and intuitive. For our loyal, returning customers you may find that some of your suggestions and feedback from past years have been incorporated into our new build.

In our relentless pursuit to make GoRout even better, we unleashed our team of expert UI/UX (User Interface and User Experience) designers to work closely with our quality assurance staff. Their mission: to find out how coaches were using the software and to discover what we could do better for 2018. The result was a top down rebuild with larger fonts and a cleaner UI that feels familiar, yet even more intuitive than before. Together with a few new features (listed below), we’re excited to kick off this season and look forward to your feedback.

1. Your playbook has been reorganized into folders by opponent and date uploaded.

New Playbook Folders

For GoRout users returning to the system from last year, one of the first things you’ll notice is the new playbook layout. We’ve organized all your plays according to opponents and the dates they were uploaded. Don’t worry, all your plays from last year are in there and you don’t have to do anything to take advantage of the new organization scheme. Simply, create a new opponent during import to tag your scout plays… that’s all you have to do.

2. We’ve streamlined and simplified the importing process.

Simplified Importing Process

From the feedback we received, nearly all of the coaches we talked to really liked the import process we put in place for 2017. So, we kept the workflow largely intact and focused on improving the interface and making it even more intuitive. If you don’t notice much of a change, you get the point. It just works and it’s even faster now. Keep in mind that you can only upload PDF files and images (.png and .jpg/jpeg) and there is a 25MB ceiling on individually uploaded file sizes.

3. We added the ability to turn on or off messaging for each practice.

Disable Practice Messaging

One of the most frequent questions we received from coaches was “why do my players have to select positions, if we’re not using messaging?” Good question! Well, now they don’t. If your team doesn’t use the messaging feature, or if you want to turn it off for a particular practice… now you can with the flip of a toggle. Simply disable messaging when you create a practice or turn it on/off before you start practice and players will not longer be prompted to select a position on their devices. NOTE: Player devices may need to be “reset” if this feature is changed while devices are turned on.

4. You now have the ability to adjust how images are displayed on player devices.

New Bandvue Adjustments

Not all plays or scout cards are created equally. Although many of our users export play from Hudl, many do not. Sometimes your plays may appear “off center” and not the way you’d like them. This new feature allows you to adjust padding above or below the image, allowing you to fine tune the image display on player devices. To access this setting, go to your settings page and click the option “Modify Device Display” and use the slider to adjust the display.

We’re excited to begin the 2018 football season and even more excited to have you and your team on board with GoRout. We are constantly looking for ways to improve what we do and we welcome any of your comments or feedback.